Microbrewery in Beijing: Drei Kronen 1308 Brauhaus

Wake me up – am I dreaming? I walk into this place on a strange evening in late March while fluffy snow is falling over Beijing and wetting the walks. And there before my eyes is a big ole copper brew system. And pretty Chinese waitresses wearing drindls. Seriously?

But it’s all very real, beer fans. If you are in Beijing and need some real German lager, head to Drei Kronen 1308.

This is Bavarian beer, from a famed Bavarian brewery, by a member of the family that’s been brewing it for generations. Why 1308? That’s the year it was founded in Bavaria. This is the first location for the brewery outside of Germany.

Brewmaster Andreas Roehrl is brewing three beers: a lager, a wheat beer, and a dark beer. Get them at 2-4-1 during happy hour from 5-7pm.

Order up a warm pretzel with mustard or liverwurst.

The main room is a high-ceiling affair with a mezzanine overlooking the brew system’s copper and a small stage area featuring a Filipino cover band (we are in Asia after all).

There’s free WiFi here and they take credit cards.

This place is of course not cheap. But you are in Beijing, China, drinking beer made by a Bavarian! Worth it for sure.

Daily 11:30am-1am
Telephone +86 (0)10 6503-5555

First floor, block 5, China View Building, No.2 Gongti Dong Lu ChaoYang Qu district, Beijing, People’s Republic of China

For your taxi driver:
It’s east of Beijing Workers Stadium if you are so cursed to get a taxi driver newly arrived in Beijing (many of them).

How to say ‘beer’ in Mandarin? “píjiǔ” (啤酒)

Of cultural interest:
Pay a visit to Tiantan Park in Beijing on a Sunday

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